Peter Kim

Peter Kim

Founder and CEO
Golden Circle Group, LLC
Peter Kim is a Korean American entrepreneur, born and raised in Los Angeles, California. Kim’s natural leadership and relentless pursuit for living with purpose is intoxicating; these attributes paved the way for his personal, social, and professional success.

At only 51 years old, Kim boasts an impressive resume. He’s a ground-breaking entrepreneur, having started, operated, and sold multiple companies for over $200M and generated retail revenue sales of over $1bn. He is a mentor and a philanthropist who has been honored with a plethora of awards for his commitment to serving the community through various charitable organizations and causes, including YO! Watts, One Voice, Step Up, Get Lit, Covenant House, and 18for18/Project Rescue.

In 1994, Kim graduated from USC Business School. He stepped in to help his family’s struggling and almost bankrupt apparel business. In just a few years, he turned the company around and out of debt. His tenacious, business-savvy spirit led to his next endeavor, Drunknmunky, a young men’s streetwear brand launched in 1999 and later sold. He then turned his attention to the then fledgling premium denim market.

Foreseeing the premium denim boom, Kim launched his brand, Hudson Jeans, in 2002. Over the next sixteen years, he built the company into a global success. Hudson Jeans quickly gained acclaim for its flattering fits, progressive fashion-forward styling, and the rebellious nature of Kim himself. Under Kim’s guidance, he first sold Hudson Jeans in 2009 to the private equity group, Fireman Capital Partners. It was then sold to Joe’s Jeans in 2013, and finally to Tengram in 2016. After two additional years of operating the company, Kim decided to start a new chapter of his life.

Kim’s longstanding desire to help inspire and empower people and community has been the primary driving force of his life. Today, Kim continues to passionately focus on building and developing brands with meaning and purpose in order to create real value, which is the manifesto of his new company, Golden Circle group (GCg).

With Kim at the helm, GCg strives to create a community of people, brands, and businesses with shared goals, principles, and values. The company provides an infrastructure for brands to build their business in a responsible but also profitable way.

Kim lives in Los Feliz with his wife and twin daughters.

When he’s not in the dojo training in mixed martial arts and Muay Thai, one can find him on a surfboard riding waves or on a yoga mat, all in the pursuit and search for the “meaning of life”.  He is an active member of his community and a champion of brilliant outliers everywhere.