Washington, D.C. -- Photo by Eric Lee

Nari Kye

Creator, Director and Host
Woori Show
Nari Kye is an Emmy-winning television producer and film director. With a film degree from New York University, Kye traveled and worked alongside Anthony Bourdain for 15 years on Anthony Bourdain: No Reservations, Parts Unknown and The Layover. She’s had on-camera appearances with Bourdain, including a personal journey of family and identity in two Korea episodes. She earned a Daytime Emmy for “Best Culinary Program” for her work on the PBS series, The Mind of a Chef. In 2017, Kye had her directorial debut with the feature-length documentary WASTED! The Story of Food Waste that premiered at Tribeca Film Festival and had a theatrical premiere distributed by Super LTD of Neon. In 2015, Kye founded a play-based Korean immersion school and went on to create Woori Show, a non-profit organization that produces the first bilingual educational TV and online series that helps children and families everywhere love Korean culture and language. Kye is the executive director of Woori Show and is also developing a documentary about childbirth, a narrative film based on her childhood and work with Bourdain, and a revenge-thriller graphic novel based on Korean history.