Emcee Chil Kong

Chil Kong

Artistic Director
Adventure Theatre MTC
Chil Kong has been a theater leader, film, television, and digital media for 30 years. He began his career garnering multiple awards for his innovative reimagining of American classics and developing ground-breaking new works as Artistic Director of theater companies in Boston, San Diego, Seattle, and Los Angeles. He is also the co-founder and co-Artistic Director of the critically acclaimed Lodestone Theatre Ensemble.

After a successful career in theater, Chil was tapped as the Creative Director of a film fund that focused on English-language based stories for the Asian market. His love of theater called him back to the stage and called him back home to his hometown in the DC/MD/VA area, just in time for the COVID-19 crisis. Between the extreme limits on public gatherings, the stresses placed on in-person connections, and the rise of hate crimes against Asian Americans, Chil has met the moment with his expertise in digital/film/TV, community activist, and the connective power of theater. As a result, he provides a fresh voice to the artistic and social crisis. He has helmed Adventure Theater’s push into uncharted waters with creative digital events that preserved the live “theatrical” theater element.

Chil’s innovative leadership has been highlighted in multiple news outlets across the DC metro area. He has also been a social justice leader and was highlighted in the New York Times article “Spit On, Yelled At, Attacked…” which shined a light on the quick rise of hate crimes against Asian Americans COVID-19 crisis. Chil proudly serves as the Artistic Director of Adventure Theater in Glen Echo, Maryland.