SAIGU@30 Leadership Conference

Join a full day of exciting conversation, networking, and leadership development with top Korean Americans on Saturday, April 30th as we commemorate the 30th anniversary of 1992 SAIGU in Koreatown – Los Angeles.

The Council of Korean Americans (CKA) and Korean American Coalition – Los Angeles (KAC-LA) are hosting a full-day conference at the Line – LA Hotel on April 30th for professionals, recent graduates, and college students in the Southern California area. Engage with Korean American executives, civic leaders, and experts about the impact of SAIGU in shaping the Korean American community and the important work of bridge-building across racial and ethnic groups. Join us as speakers engage with audience members about Korean American identity, leadership, community service,  and how we strengthen the next generation to continue amplifying the voice of Asian Americans in breakout workshops. Topics include entrepreneurship, women in executive leadership, civic engagement within the Asian American community, Korean American voices in media/entertainment, Korean Americans in biotech, medicine, and health. 

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